Each quilt deserves to be finished in a style that perfectly complements its piecing and intended use.  Working together we'll design a quilting plan that fits your budget and aesthetic.

edge to edge quilting:  Hand guided all over quilting pattern that disregards block and piecing lines.  Prices range from $.015 to $.03 per square inch.
custom quilting: Creative quilting specifically designed to enhance the blocks, borders, and spaces of your quilt.  This can encompass all over designs, individual border treatments, some stitch in the ditch and ruler work.  Priced between $.03 and $.05 per square inch. 
heirloom quilting:  Recreate the elegant quilting of a treasured antique or go wild and modern.  Techniques include feathers, echo quilting, cross hatching, stitch in the ditch and micro fills.  Priced from $.05 per square inch.

My minimum quilting charge is $45 regardless of quilt size.  Thinking of having a small quilt done?  Consider having 2 done at the same time using the same batting and backing.  I will charge as if it were one quilt.


Prices do not include batting.  When choosing batting please remember that a higher quality batting will produce a higher quality quilt.  Batting should be 4" larger than the quilt top on all sides.


My prefered thread is Superior Threads' So Fine, a 50 weight polyester thread specifically designed for longarm machines and used by many top quilters.  Thread is charged at $1.00 per bobbin.  Depending on the density of quilting, this can add from $8.00 and up to the cost of a queen size quilt.  Variegated, metallic, or cotton threads are also available at an additional cost.


I can prepare and attach straight grain binding to the front of the quilt at the rate of $2.00 per linear foot ($30 minimum).  The customer must provide the fabric and specify the binding size.

Additional Charges

Pressing the quilt top or backing, re-sewing pulled seams, sewing backing, squaring backing, etc. will be charged at $25 per hour.

Preparing your top

Following these tips will result in the best quality finish and eliminate any additional charges.
  • Remove all pins
  • Trim and remove any loose threads
  • Press quilt top making sure seams lie flat.
  • Square up quilt top if necessary
  • For pieced backings make sure selvedges are removed as they can change the back tension and cause puckers
  • Backing seams should be pressed open.
  • Square up the backing
  • Backing and batting should measure 8" larger than the quilt top (4" on each side).  Unfortunately I cannot guarantee perfect centering of a quilt top on the backing.
  • Tape or safety pin a note to the quilt top and back indicating the center top.  Please, no straight pins.
  • Do not pin or baste your layers together!
  • Sheets for use as backing are not recommended because of their higher thread count that can result in skipped stitches and tension issues.