For Elinor

This Jaybird Quilts pattern is so fun.  The triangle block variations give so much scope to play with quilting designs.  I quilted each one differently, but only took photos of a few.

For Kris

I love Kris' style, probably because it's so much like mine.  It's almost impossible not to go overboard when I'm quilting for her!

For Chris

I guess I'm too controlling with my patchwork since I've never attempted a mystery quilt.  But after quilting this one for Chris I'm kind of tempted.  Her fabric choices just glow! I didn't want to do anything too detailed to compete with all the movement in the batiks, so I quilted a simple freehand feathered spiral.  I've used this design a few times in different scales and I'm always so happy with how it turns out.

For Helen

Helen brought me this gorgeous, huge quilt, full of watery batiks and glowing golden circles.  She wanted something simple that would emphasize the circles with spirals.

The fact that the circles weren't all the same - some are all yellows, some partly yellow. part blue, some all blue - made me think of moon phases.  I decided to emphasize this with the colour and the spacing of the spirals. 

All blue moons were quilted with a wide set spiral using the same variegated grey/blue/teal as the background.  Partly yellow moons were also given a wide set spiral, but in a shimmery yellow magnifico thread. 

Fully yellow moons were quilted with a tight spiral in shimmery yellow.  And the background got a loopy meander to echo the circles on the quilt.

For Louise

Louise recently finished this beautiful Amish inspired quilt, and I had the joy of quilting it.  We went with a golden green thread that would stand out against the darker green ground, something seen fairly often in Amish quilts.  The feather wreaths were all first traced from a stencil then quilted freehand. 

Deb's quilt

I don't work with pantograph's very often, but when I started quilting Deb's quilt I just knew that this panto would be perfect for it!

For Colleen

Colleen pieced and appliqued this gorgeous medallion quilt and asked me to fill it with traditional quilting motifs.  I hope she's happy with the feathers, echoing, and stippling!