Preparing your top

Following these tips will result in the best quality finish and eliminate any additional charges. 
  • Remove all pins
  • Trim and remove any loose threads 
  • Press quilt top making sure seams lie flat.
  • Square up quilt top if necessary
  • For pieced backings make sure selvedges are removed as they can change the back tension and cause puckers
  • Backing seams should be pressed open.
  • Square up the backing 
  • Backing and batting should measure 8" larger than the quilt top (4" on each side).  Unfortunately I cannot guarantee perfect centering of a quilt top on the backing.
  • Tape or safety pin a note to the quilt top and back indicating the center top.  Please, no straight pins.
  • Do not pin or baste your layers together!
  • Sheets for use as backing are not recommended because of their higher thread count that can result in skipped stitches and tension issues.

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